"Because every day carries the gene to be a big one."

As an author, she mainly works with visual story design, large mood boards on which her stories are given a face, grow, become colourful, unique and can be experienced sensually. And that's exactly what she needed for her year, probably the greatest adventure in human memory: the journey through time.

Shortly before New Year's Eve, she was constantly looking for an oversized annual planner. Someone who makes you want to go about your everyday life. And because she only found gray ones on brittle paper that was stingy with time and space, she took matters into her own hands. This is how the huge kilims were created from strong colors and patterns on fine, soft stationery paper. Because every day carries the gene to become a big one, to turn your life upside down, to tease out the special in you. A calendar that celebrates life with confidence and gives space to plans, visions and wishes. A place that inspires you. One that you take with you, create your own story and decide for yourself about your time.



Sobre nosotros

Con calendarios únicos, Kilim quiere combinar la planificación y la organización diaria con las cosas bellas de la vida y, con colores particularmente intensos y patrones icónicos, garantizar el buen humor y la sensación de bienestar en sus cuatro paredes.

Lo importante para la empresa es: materiales sostenibles y de alta calidad, una producción justa y respetuosa con el medio ambiente y mucha diversión en el diseño: cada año se puede esperar una nueva colección limitada con patrones y series de motivos extravagantes que seguramente llamarán la atención en su hogar y oficina. 

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